Trade cryptocurrencies and receive OTN tokens as a reward

IQ Option joins forces with the Open Trading Network (OTN) – the first platform to unite all blockchain networks and market participants. OTN aims to create an accessible global cross-chain market where everyone is connected and empowered.

How to get the OTN tokens?

  • Receive as a Reward By trading cryptocurrencies on iqoption, The more you trade, the more OTN tokens you get!  SIGNUP HERE NOW
  • 21 000 000 tokens to IQ Option traders as a reward for trading Crypto assets
  • Withdraw received tokens to your wallet and sell them on exchanges

OTN will build own custom blockchain with OTN coin as it’s vital part. While blockchain is under development, OTN will release tokens of the Ethereum ERC20 standard, which later can be exchanged to OTN coins with one to one ratio.

Starting from October 16, 2017 every Monday and 104 weeks onwards a predetermined number of OTN tokens will be issued, and users of the IQ Option platform will be among the first to receive them for crypto trading.*

How can IQ Option traders get OTN tokens?

  • Starting from October 9, 2017 the biggest OTN tokens emission week kicks off. On October 16, the total amount of 350,000 OTN tokens will be distributed among Option traders based on the trading results of the previous week.

Example of calculating:

  • The total amount of commissions charged to traders on the Crypto instruments in the IQ Option broker was $1,000,000 for the calculated week;
  • The amount of commissions paid by the individual trader on the Crypto instruments for the same week amounted to $2000;
  • According to the emission schedule, 350,000 OTN tokens are being released this week.
  • The number of OTN tokens received by the trader = (2000/1,000,000)*350,000=700.

How to apply OTN tokens:

  • OTN tokens can be used to pay up to 100% of IQ Option broker commissions on the Crypto instruments;
  • OTN tokens can be converted to OTN coins after the launch of the Open Trading Network;
  • Withdraw tokens and wait for their price to skyrocket.

The largest free emission week starts October 9, 2017.* Be sure to take part and trade Crypto with IQ option next week. Leave your email to get important updates from OTN!

*IQ Option is a brokerage company and does not provide OTN tokens to clients. All tokens are provided by the OTN foundation. The OTN foundation confirms that it does not sell OTN tokens and that the activity is non- commercial.



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